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Today, there are multiple causes crying for support consuming the time, resources, and hopes of millions.  When you care, have a conscience about what is happening in our world, you are touched by the needs of others.

Threats to the common world humanity shares with all life or any just cause, calls us to act, to take action.  No need to tell you about the frustrations which accompany such efforts.  Most of us believe, absolutely, the overwhelming majority of us would correct course on any issue if they understannd the issue and - this is important - could see the suggested solution would both solve the problem and cause no further ripples of harm.  

At Causes and Campaigns Network we provide the means for you to test your approach, change or modify it, arriving at a solution on which there is real agreement outside of partisan politics. Interactive TV provides what you have needed, wanted, and failed to find before.  

Suave persuasions and sound bites are not the road to real change.  Real change happens when we provide the dispassionate means for each of us to come together, dialog, educate ourselves on a subject, test the idea, decide for ourselves, and make the solution available, allowing each individual to choose.    

The means for accomplishing this is opening ourselves to hearing from everyone as they weight in with ideas, modifications, suggestions and insights.  Taking your cause to Satellite, mass-market television, is what we provide. 

The 1992 Presidential Campaign proved mass-audence participation and focusing on solutions works. 

Over time, the Republican and Democratic Parties had attempted to close out debate, creating preferential treatment for themselves.  The League of Women Voters opposed this and said so.  

The League of Women Voters and Candidate Debates: A Changing Relationship

October 3, 1988

Confronted with this clear statement by ordinary Americans the Republican and Democratic National Committees hastened to finalize their take-over of Presidential Debates, forming the 'Presidential Debate Commission.'  More eyes and voices did not strike them as efficacious to their continued careers.  The use of a faux promise for change was used in 1994 to deflect attention from what had happened so all would be in readiness for the 1994 Congressional Election. 

More eyes and hearts focusing on the problem changes everything.  Those who do not want change reveal themselves at these times.  Read the story on 1992 HERE.  PhoneVoter works, if the problem is a Congress eager not to account for the reparations paid to their sexual victims, their jaunts, or any of their other misuses of power.  

When you understand what kids in school and ordinary people, without certifications, degrees or access to experts you realize something very important about us.

Most of us are people of conscience.  Most of us want everyone to be well and happy and independent.  Moved by the suffering of others we are willing to pull together while we correct course.  At the core of our humanity this is the understanding that each of us needs to find the confidence to believe in ourselves and the willingness to change when we realize we are mistaken.  

                                                                    If you have a CAUSE  start here.

Right now, given the popularity level of the members of Congress, we have an opportunity to let the people participate in changing the make-up of Congress.  A Congress made up of Representatives who listen, respond, and search honestly for solutions to real problems would be a good change for all of us.    

Taking problems to government is, itself, a problem.  This is because a seat in Congress has become  a sinescure for wealth and priviledge today.   

Right, Left, Libertarian, Green or whatever, using Interactive TV you can change Congress.  Electing candidates who have responded to those they want to represent locally.  

                                                                             If you're fedup with  elected folks, CAMPAIGNS are here.

That said, if you want a stable, resilient economy and heath care for everyone visit PAYE and Health Portal .  We are inviting everyone to scrutinize these tools for health, financial and physicial.  Ask questions, we are glad to respond.  

Daniel B. d'Avignon was the consulting economist for Jack Kemp, then Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, when he sold off America's low-income housing to residents.  Using PAYE there were NO foreclosures.  All buyers paid off their loans, despite the fact nearly all of these tens of thousands of people had highly erratic incomes.  Ten years earlier Yale and Duke Universities had applied the same principles to tuition loans and would have the same outcome.  With stability comes real increases in oportunity, allowing Americans what is needed to experience real success by starting new businesses, going back to college, and realizing the entrepreneurial empowerment, and conscious community which created the best which is America.  See the tools for creating a stable economy and opportunity for all of us below.  


Visit American Vision Magazine for provative articles and to weigh in with your thoughts!

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Now, let us tell you about the Launch Pad. We are now lining up 1,500 shows to be on the air by next April 15th, starting this September, 2018.

Shows will Premiere on Launching Pad with the audience weighing in with their reactions, suggestions, and comments.  These will be visible to everyone scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  Shows will include those now in production by Freedom Interactive and those you produce youself.  Freedom of Speech, and Freedom for all to be heard, will be respected.

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