Causes and Campaigns


Causes and Campaigns is here so you can sucessfully support your cause or campaign while, at the same time, giving a voice to those who are presently shut out of the dialogue.  There is a lot of wisdom out there, are we at Causes and Campaigns want to see everyone able to speak out, be heard and get the feedback their opinions and ideas deserve.  

Our Technology, supplied to Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association, is a not-for-profit determined no one be shut out or shut up.  Do you have condifence that your ideas, your solutions, your  cause is just and will provde what is needed?  If so, this is the means you need to enact change via the mass-audience openly and transparently.  

Visit Truth To Be Told to find out how this worked in 1992.  The most popular President in history went down to flaming defeat by that womanizing nobody Bill Clinton.  In 1992 we could have elected the Libertarian candidate.  Not that it would have done any good, given the record.

What we are is disgusted.  Libertarians, Greens, Independents, and everyone else -  went from confused to using the tiny bits of power they could get to running perpetual book tours.  These were not even very appealing books.  

We will spare you further commentary.  The goal is empowering the people to ask everyone running for office pointed questions and demand proven solutions.  PROVEN SOLUTIONS.    There has been far too much talking and no action.  

So, sign up to have your own show.  The cost is less than you spent on your last car and with some sweat equity you turn this into a paying job.  

You got it right, this is SUSTAINABLE action using the free-market as it was meant to be.  Visit Truth To Be Told.  Those short films changed American history in 1992.  Now it is your turn.