Causes and Campaigns


The point is installing a stable economy, a free-market economy, which was designed to enable innovation and stop the systemic thieving by the elites now taking .  If you just want to perpetuate the present system and argue about ideologies go elsewhere.  This is NOT for you.  

Freedom Interactive Television Networks Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to giving each of us a voice and, together, identifying what works and sending to the trash-heap of history what failed to make investing in our own species and the world which is our home profitable.  

This point on 'Profits.'  All profits should be calculated in outcomes which pay for the use of capital as a tool and leave everyone better off, more confident in their own proven abilities, and more assured that justice is not an empty word.  

The first topics up on your show might  be:

                                     Health Care
                                     Vehicle Repossession 
                                     Tuition Debt
                                     Saving the Environment 
​                                     Climate Change
                                     The Never-Ending Wars
                                     Trauma to Veterans and victims of wrong-doing
                                     Fear of Government 
                                     Artificially low risk accounting for corporations by the Insurance Industry
                                     The lack of liability for business...( Suggest another topic)

And more.  We have proven solutions for all of these.  

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