Causes and Campaigns

Causeses and Campaigns

You may be asking yourself how it can be this easy to become a Television Producer?  The answer is, "It is not just this easy."  You may well be facing a sharp learning curve - but the rewards can be worth it if you are committed and willing to learn, study the materials we will provide and recognize the need to use your initiative.  

What we provide is the means not before available outside the Industry.  This is possible because, as was true with all high tech industries, TV is dependent on technologies.  The increase in power and drops in cost for these parallel what we have experienced in multiple venues in the last quarter of the 20th Century.  

These technological advances created the potential for lower costs and cutting the need for personnel.  

Some may be able to do this alone.  But this will not be true of most people or shows.  

As you move through the Templates and Tutorials you will be better able to see what you will need and assess what is necessary.  

So, tell us about yourself, your campaign or cause, and you will hear from us very, very soon.  

All Best,  

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Executive Producer for Content

Causes and Campaigns

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Freedom Interactive Television Networks Association is a non-profit registered in Kansas.  We are dedicated to making it possible for people to be heard, dialog, and come together to enact solutions to the problems humanity now faces.  

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And congratulations!  Every donation, every show, moves all of us closer to peace, prosperity, and freedom!