Causes and Campaigns

Three Easy Steps
Step One - After you Sign Up, you get started with looking around and setting goals.  You send us your  Letter of Intention and make a downpayment. 

This is the time to think about what do you want your Show to Accomplish, who will be working with you, and looking at your options for equipment, locations, advertising, and publicity.    Discuss this with your friends and others who share your concern.

After signing up you will receive invitations to our conference calls, which will help you decide it this is a good fit for you.  

Step Two -   You can change your mind, you can find someone else and combine efforts.  Or, and we designed for this, you decide to become part of a group which wants to take the Mission to the Air, all the way into the space occupied by Satellite transmission.  Let us know.  These facts impact our volume pricing because we want to get you the best possible prices for satellite time, equipment and other items necessary to blast your show into public view and grow your audience.

Did we mention you can make a living in Television?  This is especially true ot Interactive TV.  Pause to consider how many people participate in shows which allow folks to vote on which teenager dances Best!  That number is 94Million. 

Ask Questions.  We have the answers, and if you stump us we will get it for you.  

In the mean time, we show you the steps to take, ones which include building a base of support through advertisers, using Social Media, continuing to define your mission, checking out what you will need, and more.  None of these steps are that tough, detsiled at times, but doable if you follow the Templates and Tutorials provided.  

Step Three - You got it!  You know what is needed, you have been reading about how professionals and serious amateurs did it.  You have made choices, brought a crew on board, have an Advertising Agent, one from 1St Dibs, or one which is in-house for your Production Company. 

You are eager to see your content flowing out to the world through Satellite TV, devices, phones, and more.   

The next step is signing your contract, seeing to the sale of advertising time, beginning production, and setting the date for your first show.      
For more questions, help with choosing the right track........
Contact  us!